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The end of the year has kind of a strange atmosphere, it’s cold and it snows, family gatherings are approaching, decorations and festive songs come out of nowhere… if you like this period then you should spend Christmas in London! The British capital becomes a magical place in December and you will notice that the Brits do like to celebrate Christmas.   1- The Christmas lights Regent Street At the beginning of November street lights and decorations start to be installed. And in December the entire city centre becomes illuminated and it’s magnificent:  have a stroll around Oxford Street, Regent street, Carnaby Street and the Seven Dials… Regents’ street counts more than 300.000 lights! Also have a look at the big mistletoe chandelier in Covent Garden Market!   2- Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland is a free-to-enter family event located in Hyde Park. It is a kind of Christmas amusement park,…

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