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Are you planning to spend a few days in the United Kingdom? Here are 5 food specialties not-to-be-missed: 1- Fish & Chips Fish & chips is a very popular dish in the UK, composed of fried fish, chips and sometimes mushy peas.  British people love it because it can be eaten on the move and is fast to cook. 2- The Full English Breakfast  The Full English Breakfast is a traditional British breakfast composed of bacon, sausages, fried eggs, baked beans, mushrooms and tomatoes. There are variants of the dish that can include black pudding, hash browns etc.   3- Shepherd’s Pie The Shepherd’s pie is a meat pie recovered of a mash potato crust; it looks a lot like the French Hachis Parmentier. 4- The Cornish Pasty The Pasty is a dish coming from Cornwall, with ground beef, potatoes, onion and rutabaga, the whole mix is put into a…

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