5 Off The Beaten Track Activities to Do in the United Kingdom

5 Off The Beaten Track Activities to Do in the United Kingdom

Even if we are only separated by the English Channel, French people are much more different than their British neighbours’ who have activities and food specialties of their own! Discover in this article 5 unusual activities to do in the UK:

1- Highland Games

If you are travelling to Scotland you must participate or at least attend the Highland Games, a famous competition celebrating the Scottish Celtic culture. During the games, opponents go up against each other around trials such as the caber toss, weight throw etc. The event is a unique symbol of gathering, especially around Celtic music (bagpipes, harp…) and Scottish dance.


2- Surf

Who says you only surf in Australia?! The United Kingdom offers numerous surfing spots such as Watergate Bay in Corwall, Llangennith and Freshwater in Wales, and for the most experienced Thurso East in Scotland. Don’t worry if you don’t like surfing  – get your cameras ready to shoot some amazing landscapes!

3- Curling

Curling is a sport played on ice. It originates from Flanders but it became a “proper” sport in Scotland. The aim of the game is to slide stones closer to the target area marked on the skating rink. A game lasts 10 rounds, when each team has tossed eight times the team whose stone is the nearest to the target area wins a point. Only stones tossed inside the house (black circle) earn a point. Of course the team who wins the more points wins. Why not give it a try?

4- Haggis’ tasting

Haggis is a Scottish traditional dish composed of sheep’s stomach, minced with onion, oatmeal, spices and salt. Traditionally the haggis is placed in the sheep’s stomach and cooked for a few hours. Preparation can now vary; it can be cooked with beef/pork or can even be vegetarian. If this dish is not the most attractive it’s however very savoury and deserves a tasting.


5- Horse racing

Horse races are huge events in the United Kingdom, whether for people who love the sport, animal lovers, the gambling or simply to wear your most beautiful hat. It’s a one-time must-see event. Amongst the most famous races we can mention Ascot, Cheltenham and York.



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