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London is a dynamic city which never sleeps. But this hustle and bustle can sometimes be exhausting… therefore, discover 6 day trips from London to escape the hectic city life: 1- Windsor Windsor is a market town located in the Royal Borough of Windsor. The town is mainly famous for its castle, being the Royal family official residence; it has become even touristier due to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The town also has a lovely covered market, narrow streets, cafés, shops and… Legoland! Crossing the Thames River you will find Windsor’s twin town, Eton. This historic town is mostly famous for hosting Eton College boarding school. Eton College is one of the 4 remaining single-sex boys public schools in the United Kingdom. 2- Brighton Brighton is THE seaside town to go to when it’s sunny. Admire the impressive Pier of 1,722 feet long, it remains…

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