6 Day Trips from London

6 Day Trips from London

London is a dynamic city which never sleeps. But this hustle and bustle can sometimes be exhausting… therefore, discover 6 day trips from London to escape the hectic city life:

1- Windsor

Windsor is a market town located in the Royal Borough of Windsor. The town is mainly famous for its castle, being the Royal family official residence; it has become even touristier due to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The town also has a lovely covered market, narrow streets, cafés, shops and… Legoland!

Crossing the Thames River you will find Windsor’s twin town, Eton. This historic town is mostly famous for hosting Eton College boarding school. Eton College is one of the 4 remaining single-sex boys public schools in the United Kingdom.

2- Brighton

Brighton is THE seaside town to go to when it’s sunny. Admire the impressive Pier of 1,722 feet long, it remains a popular attraction for amusement games and fairground rides so save some change! Don’t miss the Royal Pavilion! Classified Grade I this architecture masterpiece was built in the Indian Revival style on the 18th century by the architect John Nash. If the sun comes out you could almost believe you are in India. Brighton is also very famous for its Lanes which are narrow streets creating a kind of maze in the city, you’ll find many jewellery shops.

3- Stonehenge & Salisbury

Salisbury is a small town mainly known for hosting Great Britain’s tallest cathedral spire. Salisbury Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral built from 1220 to 1258. Its spire stands at 404 feet. One of the four copies of the Magna Carta is held in the premises; the Magna Carta is a charter of rights which was first created to restore peace between King John of England and a group of rebels.


From Salisbury catch a bus tour which will bring you to Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a famous megalithic site formed by a ring of enormous stones standing on the ground. Some stones would have been carried from Wales that is to say for about 200 miles. How could people have carried stones weighting 2 to 5 tons with simple tools from this era? The mystery remains unsolved.


4- Leeds castle

Leeds Castle is located in Kent, in the vicinity of the small village of Leeds. The castle was built on an island in a lake in 1129; it has been the property of six of England’s queens. History lovers are highly recommended to visit this castle classified Grade I and listed amongst the 57 heritage sites in England receiving more than 200,000 visitors per year!


5- Rye

Rye is a picturesque village located close to the coast; it used to be an important member of the Cinq Ports Confederation (created for trade purposes by 5 coastal towns). Rye is one of the best preserved medieval towns in England: narrowed cobbled lanes, cute houses, a castle, this town is the perfect combo for a relaxing day outside the busy city life. Bodiam Castle is located not too far from Rye and deserves a little stop as well.


6- Oxford & Cambridge

Stunning architecture, river and punting, famous people living there: everyone has heard about the two very famous cities of Oxford and Cambridge. The sibling cities both host the oldest universities in England and are both are well-known for their unique charm. One word: go! Discover what to do here.


When you have more time off, think about Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. There are plenty of wonderful places to see in the United Kingdom! We can organise your trip from A to Z, so get in touch for more information.

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