Top 3 must see Universities in the United Kingdom

Top 3 must see Universities in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is famous for the prestigious reputation of its Universities. You must have certainly heard about Oxford and Cambridge, probably even without having visited the England?

Below you will find a list of the top three University cities of the U.K.:

1- Oxford

The University of Oxford is the oldest University of the United Kingdom and all Anglophone countries; it dates back to 1096 which is when they first started teaching here. A lot of celebrities have studied here, just to mention a few: Albert Einstein, Adam Smith, Margaret Thatcher and even Hugh Grant! Impressed?

Oxford is a small city situated in the North-West of London, very practical for a day out if you are staying in London. Amongst the many things to do, you could have a walking tour of the city and of course you must visit Christchurch College, the biggest building of the University.

Christchurch was also used multiple times during the filming of the Harry Potter saga (the entrance to Hogwarts and of course the famous Great hall). Oxford also has a number of museums such as the Museum of Natural History or even the Museum of the History of Science.

2- Cambridge

Cambridge is the second oldest University of the United Kingdom (founded in 1209), just like Oxford, a number of famous celebrities have also studied here such as Stephen Hawking, Prince Charles and Emma Thompson. Cambridge is situated further away from London but it is still possible to spend the day.

A great way to discover Cambridge is to take a punting tour (either guided or self-guided) along the river Cam. A punt is a famous small boat made out of wood and manoeuvred with a long wooden pole, it isn’t too dissimilar from the Venetian gondolas. This tour will take you along the backs of the Universities so you can see all the buildings and the numerous bridges of the city, you will get to see it from a different point of view. Most chauffeurs will tell you stories and anecdotes along the way so it’s very pleasant. The College to visit in Cambridge has to be King’s College so after your tour you could pop in or maybe finish off your day with a cream tea.

3- St Andrews

St Andrews was founded in 1413; it’s the third oldest Anglophone University and it’s the oldest in Scotland. It also has its fair share of celebrities the most famous being Prince William and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, they both met whilst studying there.

The town of St Andrews is situated North of Edinburgh and it’s right beside the sea, perfect for a day out if you are staying in Edinburgh for the week.  You can go and visit the University and take a walk around its small cobbled streets, another nice thing to do is go golfing on one of its very famous golf courses.

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