North Wales: an Under-Rated Area

North Wales: an Under-Rated Area

Whereas Scotland and Ireland are competing for first place in terms of a nature friendly country, Wales remains an under-rated and little-known location. South Wales attracts more tourists due to Cardiff, Wales’ capital city. Discover in this article the numerous attributes that North Wales has to offer and why you absolutely need to go!

The Peacefulness

North Wales is still not very touristy so it’s very pleasant to travel to and visit the country at your own pace without crowds of tourists. A heaven of serenity!


The Atmosphere

Wales is a typical area where people speak English and Welsh. Welsh is still taught at school and it’s the first Celtic language spoken in the world after Irish. All the road signs are in English and Welsh. Welsh people are very proud of their nationality and like to hang up the country’s flag everywhere (a red dragon on a white and green background).

The Wild

Wales is aimed at nature and large spaces enthusiasts so if you only like big cities, let’s be honest this is not for you! Wales should not envy his neighbours from Ireland and Scotland: Wales host similar wild landscapes, mountains, lakes, hiking paths, picturesque villages… There are three national parks in Wales: Brecons Beacons and Pembrokeshire in the south. In North Wales you’ll find the magnificent Snowdonia national park where stands the highest summit in Wales, Mount Snowdon (1085 m); you can reach the top either on foot or by train.

Snowdonia National Park


Wales is the country hosting the most castles in the world: 641 have so far been identified! Such a large number for such a tiny country! Amongst the most beautiful castles in North Wales we can mention Caernarfon, Conwy and Harlech.

Caernarfon castle


Yes, Wales is a land of myths: you’ve probably already heard about Merlin, the Lady of the lake, King Arthur and his sword Excalibur? Well, these myths were born in Wales, so if you are a devotee, do no longer wait and get to discover these mysterious lands!

A Total Immersion

If you really want to improve your level of English, North Wales is the perfect place. Whereas big cities like London or Edinburgh attract many French speakers, Wales has not been invaded by the Gallic people yet! It’s therefore the perfect place to improve your English.

So why don’t you come discover this surprising country? We can arrange your accommodation, transport and activities as you wish, contact us for more information.


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